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Thursday, February 10, 2011

We're Home

We are home and it is everything we wanted, expected and more. But, just a single photo tonight. It says so many words. We are so exhausted and are going to bed so I will make another posting shortly. Lorissa has kindly come to do the night shift for us so we can sleep. But this picture as I said says so much:

Grandmere and Grandma



  1. one picture captures a million words. The greatest gift you can give a child is a grandparents love.
    Aunty Maryann

  2. Wow, great image. Happy happy ladies!

    Hope you got a decent sleep!

    WTF is that hostess wearing on her head in the background??

    (WV= droodyls, which might answer my own question)

  3. We slept all night thanks to Lorissa. Never seen Mum so emotional!!

  4. the picture says it all. so glad you got a good sleep xxx love deb