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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank You India and Farewell

Today was our last day in India. It has been a long journey, with more ups than downs. We have been blessed and are leaving with our new family. As much as we could not wait to go home, we were a little sad to say our goodbyes today. This country has allowed us to fulfil one of our deepest dreams. It could not be any more different than home, but so similar in others.

One of the thank yous and goodbyes we got to say today was to the wonderful birth mother of our Willow and Taylor. Dr Meenakshi organised a celebratory lunch in our little princesses honour. Invited were another couple from Canada and also Alan from Australia who we have been liaising with via email. We were provided with a delectable feast of local cuisine all home cooked. It was amazing and I went back for thirds with out hesitation. Following lunch we got to see our surrogate and to show her the amazing gift she had afforded us in our two girls. As is her beautiful nature, she allowed us to have some photos taken and we took advantage to get a shot of her with us and the twins. For us this was one of those life moments that you just don't forget. Dr Meenakshi also joined in, feeding the girls and posing for a picture or two. We really enjoyed the moment and it was even more special when we were able to give our surrogate the small token of thanks we had bought.

Earlier we had discussed the possibility of providing ongoing support to our surrogates family. Dr Meenakshi has agreed to organise for us to provide some ongoing support in assisting our surrogates own children to attend school and complete their early education, if our surrogate agrees. We can do this by paying tuition directly to the school. It is up to her and her family whether or not to accept the offer. We hope that we can. If not we have investigated other ways to contribute. We are so lucky and it would be nice to be able to give back a little. So many of our friends are involved in various organisations and it would make us happy to continue our involvement with the growing community of surrogates in India who are simply trying to provide for their families.
Tonight we spent a couple of hours packing. It took a while to try and sort out our belongings which seemed to double in the weeks that we have been here. We have managed to fill a whole third suitcase with various purchases. eventually it all fitted. The only concern we have is the actual weight of the cases when we get to the airport. We are both very relieved that thanks to my Dad's frequent flyer points we are flying home business class (unless Qantas decides to revoke our upgrade overnight). It will be nice having the space with the two girls.

We say thank you and take our leave. Unsure whether or not we will be back. Only the future knows that.


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  1. Jem, I read the draft of your first 'farewell' letter before it disappeared (the beauty of a feedreader!) and I understand that you want to draw a line in the sand at this point. I do think that you should do one more post, the arrival home, and then close the book.

    And then! Start a new blog... doesn't have to involve the girls directly, but as a gay father you have LOTS to say, and you've shown that you can say it. Start a blog just for you to get through the next few years, because you're going to need the support! And you're a great role model.

    Hope the trip was at least comfortable! Enjoy getting home to the family with your family :)