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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Night and Day

This has been the longest break between posts for a while. It has something to do with a pair of little girls who have taken over our lives. We have the "new parent" vague look that I have heard about also according to a number of people who have commented as such. We are not quite exhausted, but very tired. Willow and Taylor have their night and day reversed, as is the case with so many newborns. We are working through the various methods of trying to reverse their sleeping patterns. They have so far been resistant to all attempts. So we will persevere and cope as you do. One of the best things about being home is the help that is out there and we are not afraid to seek it. After all the girls come first and we are no use to them if we are dead on our feet. The best thing though is that we are home.

The trip home was no where near as bad as it could have been. The only complaint we could make was that we were stung for excess luggage when we checked in. The cost was $A475 dollars and I know that it was wrong. Dad had used his frequent flyer points to request and upgrade for us and we were lucky enough to be upgraded for both legs. We knew the night before we were due to leave and were not concerned about our luggage because the upgrade gave us extra check in weight. All of our bags were only about a kilo over each. When we checked in though the girl checking us in was more interested in making sure that someone was relieving her and checked our luggage at economy weights and also included the travel cot in the weight so we were 12 kilos over according to her and she was not interested in listening. Unfortunately I was also not interested in arguing and did not want to rock the boat. We were already a bit of a novelty and had attracted attention. We had quite an audience. So I paid the bill so that we could get our boarding passes. Then one of the senior staff who was processing the bill realised the girls mistake. They kindly tried to reverse the transaction on my credit card. It took five people and almost 3/4 of an hour to realise that they did not know how to do it. The girls were due a feed by this time and were starting to stir, so I told them to leave it.

When we got to the immigration desk we were really nervous. Sometimes it all depends on who is serving you. We had a really generous man who complimented the girls, processed us without any questions and wished us luck and a safe journey. Going through security was also a breeze and we were able to move onto the Qantas Club where we had coffee, fed and changed the girls before boarding. At this stage we were very thankful of Pop and his frequent flyer points. When we boarded and turned left instead of right it was a whole new world. We were assisted to settle and then offered drinks. The sky beds were awesome and the massage function very welcome. At this stage Pop was a hero!! The staff on both flights could not help us enough and were very considerate. The girls behaved the whole way and we managed to get a little sleep. We nursed the girls on our chests for most of the trip and just thoroughly enjoyed it. The three course meal was a welcome treat (especially the sweets trolley). We partook of a little champers, which meant that I did doze and without my CPAP machine I annoyed our fellow travellers more that the girls occasional squawk with my snoring.

Being the size that I am (oh, and I lost 10kg while away. That makes a total of 21kg since May. Yay me) I was a little concerned that I would not be able to use the toilets to change the girls and unfortunately hand balled this to Vince. Then on the last leg I thought "this is crazy. I have to be able to do it" and tired with success. One more excuse not  to change the girls down the drain!

As we came into land in Perth we both got very emotional. We were so happy and we sat there and cried tears of joy as the plane touched down, on time! At immigration we had another generous gentleman who welcomed home the "new Aussies" and again wished us luck. We were home.
As we got our luggage a Qantas lady approached us as  to see the "gorgeous" babies who "looked to young to travel and be away from their Mum". When I explained that they were mine and Vince's and that they were just arriving home we got bombarded with twenty questions and showered with praise. She then proceeded to have us ushered through customs to let the "little darlings get to there waiting family and friends". Needles to say I was very grateful because I had declared a number of things and on her say so "that there was nothing dangerous" the customs lady let us through.

As we walked through the gate we spotted Grandmere, Grandpere, Grandma, Sandra, Tess, Damian, Geoffrey, Peter, Alison, Jack and Deb, all there to welcome us home. Poor Grandma had been sick and we initially said that it might be best that she not come. Then we said to come but to stand back, use hand gel and were a mask. But when the time came I could not do it to her. The twins had survived 5 weeks in Mumbai. They could survive a desperate grandparent. So I walked up to Mum and place Taylor in her arms. It was one of those moments that would make a chick flick worth it. You know, a beaches moment. We both cried and I could see the absolute pure love and joy flowing from this women who only wants to love and has always needed someone to love. The same was true when Grandpere took Willow and then Grandmere. By this time we had also garnered an audience and we even had strangers coming up to us congratulate us. One lady came up and told us that she had watched us all the way from Mumbai and new that "those girls have been blessed with two amazing loving fathers". I am so glad that we always carry hankies in our pockets.

Well that was our arrival. I need to go and get a few hours sleep before the girls stir and so will say good night with the promise of another post to come shortly.



  1. Oh crap, now I'm crying. It was that last bit about the lady watching you that did it. I wish all the nay-sayers could just have a day-in-the-life session with people like you.

    Welcome home, all of you.

  2. Must be the new contacts, the eyes are watering!!! If it hadn't been for the parental duties here in the early hours of the next day I would have driven up there to meet the plane too. Oh and there is a parcel with two hand knitted animals and cards coming from Great-Granddad Ron's cousin Fay too! Talk about gathering the family - these two girls are so special.