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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Those moments in time

Some people have amazing talents. The girls have been blessed with a number of very special gifts that have been hand crafted for them. I have been overwhelmed with peoples generosity. I know that I need to write thank you cards on behalf of the girls. At the start I was keeping a book with a list of who gave us what. However I soon lost track because there were so many. I will endeavour to sit one day and send cards. In reality it may not happen with how busy the girls keep us.

So we need to express our gratitude to all those who have provided us with gifts for

Willow and Taylor  

Thank you!

Unpacking seemed to take us almost a whole week. At one stage it felt like someone spewed baby all over the house. Most everthing is now back in it's rightful place and the house is almost back in order . We have had a lot of help from our Mum's who have come and cared for the girls while we get on with it. They have also helped sort cloths, washed and ironed as well. As much as it has been a help having them do all of this, the special moments of watching them with their granddaughters are what we will remember. My Mum has had her first teary call with a tired, overwhelmed son on the end of the line uttering the single word of "help". I think this made her whole week. I know that her arriving and taking two very tired girls and cuddling them until they settled while I found the paperwork I was desperately looking for made my day. I was trying to find the documents I needed to go and get the girls their medicare cards. They now both have Medicare cards and I have registered for the Paid Parental Leave.

Willow and Taylor like so many babies have their night and day mixed up. They sleep all day (despite our constant attempts to keep them awake and numerous cuddles from so many people) and then are waking for almost hourly feeds over night. We have been given so much advice and read all the online blogs, baby sites and even some research, most of all follow a similar theme. We have tried most of the advice to no avail. Time is going to prove the best remedy and we pretty much knew that. Working together as a team we are coping. We are tired and not functioning as well as we would like but we knew all of this. We are managing to get into a routine and are relishing the motivation that these two little human beings are creating for us. For every time we snap at each other (which is rare) there are twice many grins, smile and tears of joy. Amazingly we have still manages a little us time. This might be sharing a quick meal, snatching ten minutes of a movie together or just a quite cuddle and conversation about our daughters!

One of the gifts we received was a solid 6 hours sleep when Lorissa came and stayed for the night. She volunteered the do a night shift with the girls. Poor thing was doing hourly feeds all night and looked shattered in the morning. We were so grateful and secretly pleased that the girls followed their usual pattern. It meant they weren't just doing it for us.

Anyone who knows us knows that one of our most favourite places is Bunnings. It's used to be about three or four local hardware stores. But they have all since gone out of business, mostly due to Bunnings. The girls were lucky enough to have their first outing to Bunnings just two days after arriving home. They were very well behaved and also meant that we got lots of personal service.

Some of the best moments we have had so far have been those silly little moments when something so simple can make you laugh from deep in your belly. They girls are really good at creating those moments. Like when we went for tea at Grandmere and Grandpere's. Grandmere offered to hold Taylor who was demanding a cuddle while the rest of us ate. Taylor paid Grandmere back with one of the biggest pukes we have seen. It was huge and Grandmere just took it in her stride. Or when Taylor showed us she was a big girl and could hold her own bottle (with the pram's help). These are the moments in time that we are learning to appreciate and treasure. So much has happened and I would love to put it all down for prosperity. But I don't want to miss any of the moments. So unfortunately they have to wait until I can steal away a few moments with the computer.

Today we have some of Vince's family coming to our house to celebrate Uncle Jack's birthday. Everyone is bringing a dish and we have been told that we don't have to do anything, that everyone else will take care of it. That we just enjoy every one's company and let everyone meet the girls. We are looking forward to it. The only thing that is concerning us it that the baby stuff that I mentioned earlier still looks like it has been spewed all over the house and the house needs some serious TLC in regards to dust and fur balls. But hey. We have only been home a week and a bit.

At least the house will be nice and cool. Yesterday Grandpere came and put ceiling fans in most of the rooms of the house. The evaporative airconditioning does not cope with the humidity. Mumbai was hot but very dry and the girls (and Dad!) are not coping with the humidity. Willow and Taylor were very grateful to Grandpere. Especially because they slept well last night because the fans kept them cool.

Well best be off to collect some of the fur balls before everyone arrives.



  1. You know what? Most people will be looking at the girls, not the furballs. Anyone who sees the furballs should be nice enough to not make judgements.


  2. Can't help it. Nana had too much of an impact!! But the dishes are done and the bed made :-)

  3. Wow, what an amazing journey!! Looking very forward to meeting these two gorgeous girls!

    lots of love,

    Carine, Mel & Lucia