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Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting to Know you

Aroma Therapy
We have been home for a week now and are still just settling in. There is still stuff all over the house and we are slowly finding space for everything we accumulated while away. One of our favourite moments since getting home was when we opened the back door after arriving home from the airport. Spike, Bilbo and Maggy never expected us to be there and it took them a few seconds to register who had opened the door at that time of the morning. At this point I should apologise to our neighbours for the noise because Spike and Bilbo both started that excited yelping that only a dog can do. They then did the stationary run action as the tried to gain grip on the floor to race to us.

All the rules went out the window and they jumped, licked, howled and even let go of a little wee in their excitement. Maggy was even excited and was rubbing on our legs. Then they spotted these two noisy creatures and just stood still. Bilbo had a look saying "new toy's'". Spike was immediately on guard. At the first cry Maggy retreated to our ensuite, or her private abode as she likes to think. We know Spike will take time to adjust to not being the number one and we are giving him lots of support. Even a little aroma therapy (see the photo with one of the girls bibs on). All three of our animal babies have been very well behaved. We will keep an eye on them and have not left them alone with the girls. Bilbo the food hobbit is always very interested in the bottles. Maggy loves all of the extra piles of washing to curl up on. Spike, well he just has his nose out joint. But when they are old enough to throw a ball they will be his best friends. For now though we just want him to take ownership of them as part of the pack.

During the first week we have had a number of visitors and had a couple of outings. I have said before that we were so lucky having the time to ourselves with Willow and Taylor to bond and become the new family that we are. It also meant that we were ready to see our friends and family and to share our girls. Being as proud as we are there is also a little aspect of showing off. The "look what we did" factor. I have added a few photos to capture some of the special visitors we have had so far. I know the girls aren't even aware of the world around them at the moment. So I really want to capture the moments of love, acceptance, trust and support they have experienced during the past week. I have also added numerous shots to the slide show on the main page.


As you can see the girls love to play pass the parcel. They are so good and don't mind at all. As long as someone along the line has a bottle waiting for them.

We love our family and friends dearly and want to thank them all again. It is great to be home.

J, V, W & T

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  1. love the idea with the bib. cant wait to see you all on sunday and have some more cuddles. love you guys and girls. deb xxxxxx