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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Foreign Regional Registration Offices is part of the Indian Department of Immigration. It is where we had to go to get an exit visa approved for the girls. You need a valid visa to enter and leave India. As Willow and Taylor where born here and only obtained Australian Citizenship after their birth they had no valid visa in their new passports. With out one, we could not take them out of India. So it was the final piece in the puzzle before we could bring them home.

If you have done a Dr Google search on the FRRO you might well have read some of the horror stories that we had. But we were in and out in less than 3 hours. The staff were friendly, if not efficient and were very considerate of us with the babies. Being a Saturday morning it was also a bit quieter. I just made sure i had everything on the list Mike and Youseff gave us and it all went very smoothly.

We thought about changing our flights again, but a couple of extra days is not worth the hassle and cost. At least now I am relaxed. Vince is catching up on some much needed sleep and I am here staring at our girls and shooing off the house cleaning boys who seem determined to clean our room rather frequently of late. I know they love looking at the babies. They all grin and chatter about them as they clean the room.

In our excitement on leaving the FRRO we forgot to take a picture. So this one is borrowed from Dr Google. They also get a bit funny about you photographing government buildings, so there was not many to choose from.

When we get back to Australia I am going to post a guide for dealing with the bureaucratic process based on our experience and the information we have gathered along the way. At the moment I don't seem to have the time between feeds and am really only catching the various mile stones for Willow and Taylor.

Now do I clean the bottles next or hang the washing. Nope. Nice cuppa and then a cuddle before the next feed. Cuddle of the girls that is. An earthquake would not wake Vince at the moment. He has taken the brunt of the night feeds for the past couple of days. Tonight I am going to play the night owl. A role that is usually mine anyway. It is usually me on the computer or watching a show at midnight with noddy, plus or minus drool, sitting next to me. He has always said that he can't sleep until I am in the bed and so sits up. I guess sleeping on the couch with a hyper extended neck is much easier. Funny thing is that I actually love him sitting there. It is comforting. From now on though I reckon it will be a race to see who gets to sleep first.


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