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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Follow Up

Plumb tuckered out 
We ventured back to Surya Children's Hospital today for the girls follow up appointment. Dr Kabra was happy with their progress. Both had put on weight and grown a little. They are now both 49cm long and both their heads are 32cm. Taylor at 2.36kg has taken over from Willow at 2.24kg as the heavier twin. We weren't surprised based on how well Taylor is feeding. We also had to take them for their eye follow up and both were normal. The actual test was not very pleasant and we know now why there eyes are a little swollen. But it did not seem to hurt them. They just didn't like the bright light. After another day out and about they were both exhausted when we got home. It was also one of the hottest days we have had since being here and they are like me and feel the heat. So we left them in only their nappies and these little singlets to cool off. They both went out for the count. We both hope they may sleep for a little longer between each feed tonight. Well here's hoping, anyway.



  1. eyes are leaking as i read, soppy I know, feeling so incredible bleassed to share in this amazing journey, Dad says I am having withdrawls from you both, hmmm perhpas, but its soooo much more. Looking forward to having you home, enjoy till then. Thankyou for the lovely updates, Jem you are a fine wordsmith, I feel a book coming .. :)
    love love love
    L2x & asst other Crisp/Grant Clan members

  2. I have always hoped a book would come from him he has always been able to write well. This would be the perfect on to start with.