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Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Little Aussies

There was a great surprise in our inbox this morning. An email from Varun at the High Commission confirming the girls Citizenship by Descent. It included copies of their certificates. I am so glad it was just us here. We both broke into idiotic grins, done our happy dance and started shouting Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy! If we had neighbours they would have quickly turned on the TV to check if Australia had scored in the cricket (honestly they are cricket obsessed in this country). I was on the phone to the Mumbai Embassy and scored an appointment to submit the girls passport applications in the early afternoon. Vince booked our favourite taxi driver Mr Singh and I quickly showered and threw together all the documentation (it is almost as thick as a novel now). It took nearly two hours in the taxi, due to traffic, to get to the Embassy. They were really help full and it only took as long as it took me to complete the forms. They are quite used to surrogacy cases by now and it is quite a smooth process. 

I can collect the girls temporary passports at 0930am on Monday and then it is off to the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) to get an exit permit. Mr Singh has kindly offered his services for the day. I have read horror stories about this place and was a little nervous that it would be the spanner in the works. But Michael and Youseff were kind enough to let Vince tag along when they went, as a reconnaissance mission. The process went smoothly for them and Vince got some great intelligence from his recon. So here's hoping it goes smoothly for us as well. Our tickets have been changed so that we fly out at 1030am on Wednesday the 9th February.

I have to say that I am so relieved. As much as it has been so rewarding having this time with just our new family nestled away with nothing to do but get to know one another, home is appealing. We are surviving with what we have accumulated in the unit and it is livable. But is only just an existence. We have to wash every day and are constantly washing bottles. At home we have enough that these can be done with a little more leisure. We also have so many amazing clothes and other items that we could be using. It also means that we do not have to boil the kettle 10 to 20 times a day. We have been a little OCD with using boiled water for everything, but given that the girls are so small and had a little bit of a rough start we owe it to them to give them the best chance of not catching anything.

We are also missing our other babies Spike, Bilbo and Maggy. I can't wait for a Spikey hug. Both of us are also really looking forward to lots of hugs and kisses from family and friends. After all it is all about us. the girls might be lucky to get some attention when we get home.

I have asked to see our surrogate before we go and we have some gifts for her and her family. Dr Meenakshi has said she will set up a meeting. Let's hope it comes off. We really want to say thank you in person. We also want to show her how much the girls are being loved and cared for.

Well this Dad (and Papa) are going to try and catch an hours sleep before the next feed. the way Taylor is groaning, it is going to be a long night again. She has the worst gas and it is so hard to get up. Willow is just a wind machine. Puts her Dad to shame.



  1. YAY! Come back, Aussie, come back, come back!

    I'm sure you mean February, not January, or are you travelling by Tardis? LOL.

    Also -- take the certificates off or scrub out their official bits, or they might be snaffled by forgery types. You don't want them to be used by the Israeli govt or something :)

    Happy days, eh?

  2. Cheers Caren. I have altered the certificates a little now. Also I think it was wishful thinking that we got home 5 days after ther were born lol. A Tardis would be nice though. Hope Barnaby is enjoying the new Doctor as much as I am!!

  3. Well done Jem. Can't believe the wait is nearly over. I really hope you get to see your surrogate before leaving. Good luck!

    Shazy x

  4. wow you guys are doing so well to be looking after two newborns in another country, and one like india! and you are not ocd for using boiled water i know plenty of mums who use boiled water for the first few months here in Oz! hope the flight home goes well xoxoxo lisa b.