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Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Step Back

When we got to the NICU today we were both concerned to see that Willow was back on IV fluids. She was also still very flat and sleeping. Taylor just looked up when we touched her as if to say "you again" and then went back to sucking her hand. Up until now we have not asked the Nursing staff any question because they prefer you speak to the Doctor, but we needed to know what was wrong with Willow. So I asked and they quickly got the Doctor for us. Turns out that Willow has passed blood in her stools yesterday and today and so they have sent off samples and are withholding her tube feeds for now. To keep her hydrated and fed she is back on glucose. They have also upped her antibiotics. The Doctor was not really concerned and told us not to worry. Her belly is nice and soft, all of her observations are fine and her reflexes are still good. She is just flat and her colour is not as good. So we are not to concerned either and prefer that they slow things down a little as they have. It was hard leaving them though. Tomorrow we will get their birth certificates and then we can start the long bureaucratic process of getting them citizenship and passports.


  1. Congratulations Mr Mummies, beautiful bubbies!

  2. Hello Mates,
    My heart is with you. Hope they find the issue quickly.
    Best regards,
    Steve in California

  3. hi it sarah and hannah here janes daughters,
    its lovley to see the twin girls congratulations the are both so beautiful cant wait to meet them hopefully when we come back from our trip!
    hope all is going well :)