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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Steps Forward

Willow was doing better today and we know now that she has an infection because her blood cultures were positive and it is being treated with IV antibiotics. She is moving and even crying (even though it took the nasty Doctor sticking her with a needle to make her). She also looks a little stronger and her colour is much better. They will continue to feed her by drip for the next 2-3 days just to make sure her stomach is OK. So we have to make do with stroking her gently and whispering to her. The fact that she is holding our fingers again also calmed us considerably.
Taylor is moving ahead leaps and bounds. She is managing to suck from a bottle and even managed a power chuck all over herself and Dad the first time he fed her (twice). Yesterday was the first time we got to hold her and feed her. Needless to say we both melted, cried and generally acted like big sops. She did all the right things and apparently so did Dad and Papa because the nurses were happy for us to try again today. Unfortunately the way things are going we may be bringing Taylor home first with out Willow. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Now for the funny story of the day. After we returned from visiting the hospital we were both in such great moods that we wanted to go and do some recon work to find a local courier, print shop and photo shop. As we will need all of these to help get the paper work done. I also wanted to check out a shopping mall that had shown up on google maps. So we headed off to Hiranandani Gardens (the suburb I mentioned that is like Subi back home). To get there we took a cool cab. To get home we thought we would be brave and try one of the little rickshaws. We had been putting it off for long enough. Well we managed to flag one down and with the help of a local we managed to explain to the driver where we needed to go. So  in we hoped and off we went. I am possibly the worlds worst passenger (I usually drive). Being as tall as I am I could not see where we were going and went as stiff as a board as the little 2 stroke engine revved and took off. The fact that Vince again had that Cheshire cat grin on his face made me even more nervous. Turns out that it was quite a nice ride and for short distances I would be happy to use them again. However, each day it has been costing us about 1000 -1500 rupees ($AU25-35) a day for Cool cab's (a cab company that offers airconditioned little cabs that are bright blue) to and from the hospital. When we got back to the hotel in the rickshaw it was only 17 rupees. So Vince's first comment was "that's cheap, maybe we should take one of those to the hospital". "Not bloody likely" was my response. "I'm not going on the bloody express way in one of those". Cool cab's are airconditioned and you can't touch the car next to you as it goes by!! To top the little excursion off, it turns out that the mall has not been built yet! So it was really a cheap trip for Vince.

Today was also a great day because the girls official birth certificates were delivered to the hotel. So they are now officially Willow and Taylor and have a piece of paper to prove it. Now we have almost all of the documents required to make the application for citizenship  for them. Hopefully tomorrow we will get the final letter needed from the Doctors. Then we can courier off the applications to New Delhi.



  1. This is so good to see.
    Out of curiosity, is their mum still around? Is she in the hospital too, or has she gone home already? How is she doing?

  2. It's great to read your stories every day and to know how things are going - even Mum said she wished she had internet so she could keep up - she asks me every day how the girls are and has started the coat hangers to hang up the frilly bits from your Mum.
    And, remember your daughters love you very much - already