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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Growing Strong

It is a little frustrating only having a short time with the twins each day, but we know it is paying off them being where they are. They have both gained 10g and have not lost any weight, which is great. Still getting antibiotics and both tolerating their tube feeds. Yesterday Willow just wanted to sleep. Taylor was all mouth looking for something to suck:

Willow Day 4

Taylor Day 4
After seeing Willow and Taylor we met up with our Friend Brian and his Dad who are here at the same time. Together we all went to the InOrbit Mall to do some shopping. We split up and they went looking for gifts and bargains. We headed straight to the Mother Care shop. We bought a baby bath, travel cot, change mat, nappies, wipes and some little cheep prem outfits. It was quite cheap. Now we have the essentials.

The hotel also delivered a twin tub washing machine to our room when we got home. Vince had requested one before we left for the day. He was washing while I was writing. The man who installed it was a little upset with us. It seems that we are taking work away from the hotel staff and they cannot understand why we want to wash our own cloths. For a hundred Rupees ($AU1.50) a day it is much cheaper for us to wash ourselves. Especially with the amount of washing the girls will generate.

The night before last we sat up till 2300 hours in the foyer of the hotel. We sat there chatting with a couple from Canada who are staying here as well. Their little boy was born almost a week ago and they have him here with them now. They are also using the same agency as we are. It was great to be able to compare stories. Like us they are stuck here until the citizenship and passport papers come through for their little one. Their Embassy also takes about a month to process everything. So it will be great having them here. Already we started making plans. Two of us can stay with the babies while we send the others out for supplies and for a bit of R & R.

I have asked sorry, told Mum that I have no qualms about her buying as much frilly, girly stuff as she wants. But I have requested that it not all be pink. As my cousin Caren has commented, we want to make sure the twins have some colour in their lives. We saw some beautifull outfits at the shop today but foccussed on the needed for now. I think Vince is hoping I will be too tired to care about shopping for the wanted after Taylor and Willow are discharged. But them again he was all gooy in the shop as well. These two girls have trully melted their Papa's heart. Their Dad on the other hand just can't seem to stop worrying about them. I think I have said it before but it is really hard sometimes having a little knowledge about what is happening and what could happen. I try to remind me of something I was told many years ago. Nurses mostly get to see the really bad stuff, which is usually only a small percentage of what really happens. When you look at the bigger picture most situations occur with out complication. So it has become my little mantra each day. I do smile. I smile quite alot. In fact I have found myself involuntarily smiling at strangers for no reason, who then look at me as if I am mad. I just can't seem to smile while I am with them.

I just wanted to thank everyone for there kind words and best wishes. It really is helping. being so far away from everyone is a little hard as well. I think that is why we really enjoyed last night. I think I never actually shut up and may have embarressed myself a little (i tend to do that when I am nervous). But it was so amazing to share with a couple who have had a similar journey to us and are at the same stage as we are.

Well I have started to ramble so I will sign off for tonight. Hope all is well in your own life.

Before I go I just want to congratule my friend Gemma and her husband Bill on the birth of their new son. I hope he is giving as much joy as we are feeling now. They trully are a Karmic Gift.

Love J.


  1. Help! can anyone tell me where there is a shop who has coulourful clothes for such small babies. The shops I have been to so far have Pink,blue,or white. Some have colours but are usually mainly pink with a little teddy or flower on them in the smallest of print, so the pink shows up the most. This is untill they are about 12months old or size one. I understand you dont wnat 2 babies as pink dolls, but until I can find some the ones I have will have to do until summer comes and some more colourful items come in. I brought lots of colour printed all in one suites with white back grounds that you have at home! When next summer comes it will be all bright DEAL! Love Mum

  2. Poor little sausages, look at them! Gosh, Willow looks like her dad.

    Well, you'll get one good outcome from all that beeping and noise... you won't have to tiptoe around the house while they're sleeping! You should keep that going: do the vacuuming while they're sleeping, etc. Make life *much* easier!

    Doing well, guys. Hold that thought.