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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love and other things....

Tiredness: adj, Exhausted of strength or energy, fatigued.

Yes we are both tired. It was inevitable and something we knew would be part of this amazing experience. We both wear it as a badge of honour. Who could see it as such a bad thing when at 3am when the rest of the world is asleep, a little human being looks up at you and smiles as the wind in their tummy shifts. Then we look at each other and grin. Well we grin, between the yawns. 

Love: noun, a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

We are both so in love with our baby girls and have been so overwhelmed with the beginning of our new family. There are so many emotions involved, that the definition  above just does not reflect them. Love is innate and therefore pure. At this time in our lives, love again is pure.

Peace: noun, Inner contentment; serenity.

At home we have a mortgage (well two at the moment), car loans, bills, work and so on. In our little world that is apartment A603 Oritel Serviced apartments Mumbai, they do not seem to exist. We feel at peace and know that these two beings make all of that seem insignificant. They are worth what we will return to. For now we will just enjoy the tranquility that exists in our hearts.

Yesterday I rang the lab doing our DNA test to see if they had received our samples. They were supposed to let us know. Willow and Taylor's samples had arrived but mine was still missing in action. It seems that it may have been held up by the Australia Day public holiday. The 26th January is also a public holiday in India to mark Republic Day. It celebrates the day  India adopted democratic government system. They assured me that it should arrive by Monday and that it should only take five days to process. So it seems we are here for another fortnight at least.

We are both getting really homesick now and just want to get home. Home to the two dogs, cat and our own bed. To bring the girls home. To their new home. The home that Vince and I have made together and now get to share with our family. We want to introduce the twins to everyone. To let everyone shower them in the love and affection to has been flowing towards them since we first announced their impending arrival.

Youseff, Mike and Zayne at the FRRO after getting Zayne's exit visa
 On the first frantic morning at the hotel we ventured down to breakfast to try and sort out a means of communicating with Dr Meenakshi so that we could find out were the twins were, when and how we could get to them. As I have mentioned in a previous blog we were both frantic with lack of sleep, adrenaline from the news of two daughters and disorientated from the sudden change in environment. The first person we saw was a white man holding a baby. We all know to never assume as it  can make an ass out of u, but I automatically assumed "same-same". This is an Indian phrase that we have picked up for describing two  things alike. So with only just a little frantic desperation in my voice I asked "excuse me. Do you know how to connect to the Internet?" while wielding my laptop around. He kindly suggested that I seek assistance from the front desk staff in the foyer, which I acted on immediately. This kind sir was Mike. Once I was connected to the net we went back in to properly introduce our selves. Mike and his husband Youseff were from Canada and had arrived on the 30th of December for the birth of their son Zayne. Over the past three and a bit weeks they have been great company, become friends and helped to make this time both bearable and enjoyable. Last night they were lucky enough to fly home.

Willow, Taylor and Zayne
Watching them go through the bureaucratic process has given us greater confidence that things may progress a little quicker than we anticipated and also eased our minds that we are as prepared as possible. I have often wondered how people make friends that they then visit all over the world. Now I know. This journey has also enabled us to make some great new friends that we know we will keep in touch with and hopefully get to visit in the future. We also hope that they make be able to visit us. Willow and Taylor are also going to have a network of friends that they share a common story with and can tap into should ever they need too.

I have managed to do a little shopping and have collected some adorable outfits for when we get home. This week I would like to buy a couple traditional outfits and some material to take home for Grandma and Granmere so they can make some outfits. Willow and Taylor get 10kg each of check-in luggage and I intend to make sure we use it. I know we can get clothes at home, but here they are very different and many will not be available. I have found that most of the shops in Perth all carry the same stock.

We also hope to see our surrogate sometime in the next week or so. Dr Meenakshi has said that it would be possible. We know that she is back with her family and doing well. We can't wait to introduce her to the twins and to express our eternal thanks for the gift to us.

Well it is near seven o'clock and I had better think about feeding myself before the girls start demanding their next feed. One of the positive side effects of spending time in the NICU is that both of them can sleep through anything. But when they wake up they usually wake with a bang and want things done then and there. They also developed a fairly regular routine and so it is a little easier to predict when that is going to happen. So far we have been able to problem solve each issue as it arises and seem to be coping well. We just need to work out how to take naps during the day. Something neither of us is used to or very good at. I am thinking though that it will get easier as we get more and more tired.

We are both anxious to have the girls weighed to see if they are gaining weight. Our follow up appointment is on Tuesday. They are both feeding well and demanding more each day. They are both peeing and pooing and doing everything they should.

We want to congratulate Tony and Immy on the birth of daughter Indie.


PS: Happy Birthday Grand pere and Happy Wedding Anniversary Grand mere and Grand pere 

Love and best wishes
Jeremy, Vince, Willow and Taylor


  1. Each blog makes it all seem more real. Just love this page and to see the guys with you after hearing you talk about them so much, also for making the wonderful video for us all back home to see and to keep for the girls. The bond you have made with the couples you have meet there will last a very long time. We have friends that we have had for all our lives and for as long as we first meet. I hope this becomes a true dream for you as a family, as we have had in our long loved friends and family who have been on our journey and we on there's of bringing up our family's in the good and the bad times. Treasure friendship. Treasure faimly. love Grandma and Pop

  2. Love your latest blog!! The twins do look like they are growing well you can see it in their face like you said. Great to see a picture of Mike and Yousef will want to hear every detail when you get home. As I have said many times you write so well Jem. I am so thrilled for you both with this amazing journey. Love and Bg Hugs Lorissa and James and Thomas xxxx

  3. we love reading your blog, and wait eagerly each day for an update! Jem and Vince you both look so in love with those beautiful girls of yours>
    Looking forward to have you all back in Oz and catching up.

    Lots of love,
    Carine, Mel & Lucia