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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Willow's Home

Well everything went as planned and Willow came home with us today. It was a repeat of the day Taylor came home, with just as much emotion and joy. We came home to the hotel and introduced her to Mike, Youseff and Zayne. Then we took her upstairs for her first bath and feed. Vince bathed her while I sorted out all of the paper work we got, to make sure we did not lose anything. Willow's first feed took nearly an hour to get her to take just 25mls. At the NICU they have been cup feeding her and she tires very quickly with the bottle. Taylor was the same for the first couple of days. The good thing is that Willow now weights 2.19 kg and has been gaining weight. It is going to be a long night because we are both so nervous for her.

We had to get more medications for Taylor so we asked the Guys to join us for an outing to Hiranandani Garden. We got the tablets we needed and had a quick look around the small village of shops. I managed to buy some little shoes for our god daughter, who's birthday it was while we were away, to add to her birthday present for when we get home. Then we decided to have dinner at a restaurant before returning home to Skype the grand parents. Willow took it in her stride much the same as Taylor did on her first night out. She just would not take the bottle. Vince is so very patient that he just kept offering it to her and she eventually took enough for us not to worry. For her third feed I did have to cup feed her after she only took 20mls. She took nearly 50ml in total using the cup instead of the bottle.

We are spending a great deal of time just staring at them tonight and I don't envisage us getting a lot of sleep. Mostly because we just want to hold them and lay with Willow. She is still quite flat. Well compared to Taylor. Taylor is sleeping between feeds (as long as you get all of her wind up). She is starting to interact more and definitely knows her routine. She gave her first Diva performance today while Vince was waiting for me when I was in feeding Willow before we could leave. She gave a real performance for everyone in the waiting area. There are no problems with her lungs.

I got all of the mushy stuff out of the way with this mornings post. But to Willow herself, we love and adore you and are so glad you are with us. Again, this record of your arrival is our gift to you. So you know where it is you came from. You, along with Taylor, complete your Dad and Papa.


I got my sister back!

You OK Sis?

No more shots without my agent!

Bonding or Dad napping? not sure.

Papa Kangaroo


  1. Congratulations!

    What is the advantage of bottle feeding over cup feeding? Can you just keep cup feeding her? Or is it better to encourage her to suck? Enquiring mind wants to know.

  2. so happy for you guys :D <3


  3. So truly wonderful for you guys,,,the girls are little sweethearts. It all looks so natural for you both.
    Xx Lorissa

  4. The old Kangaroo hold. This is what they get the fathers and mothers to do at the hospital for preme babies. The wormth of the body and the heart beat. The girls I think? it is 36 weeks now. so nearly there and putting on weight. No need to stay at the hospital any longer with the boys experanced nurses. The nurses at thr hospital loved it when they found out the boys were nurses. They said you do it.
    Love the photo's Mum (Pop did not know what the hold was)

  5. I have been reading your wonderful blog for a while now and have enjoyed travelling along on your journey with you. So pleased for you both.
    kind regards
    Lyn Weir

  6. Cup feeding is the norm here in India. It is also one of the oldest ways of feeding babies that cannot breast feed for what ever reason. It does have more risk associated with it than bottle feeding which mimics sucking on the breast. Like most things though it is a skill and sadly one that is not taught through the generations anymore, except in areas that do not have access to modern bottles and teats. My thoughts only.