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Friday, December 17, 2010


I only have four days left of work now before I go on Parental leave. I have the option of taking up to 3 years off from my substantive position. During that time I can go back and do casual work. I started my current role a month short of three years ago. It was a new role that I was lucky enough to be able to develop and shape it into what it is today. I believe it has been one of the best jobs I have had. I really love clinical work and do miss direct patient care. However it is no longer an option for me full time. So this role has allowed me to use my clinical knowledge while learning a  whole new side of Public Service. I have been able to learn about government procurement, government tenders, warehousing and also a great deal about how private industry operates. I have met some amazing people and been involved in some great projects. I have been challenged and rewarded. I know I have grown with the role, becoming more confident and content.

I think it could well have been a very different experience if not for a number of people I have worked closely with. There is one particular person who I have to thank for making it so enjoyable and it is my colleague Jane Fellman (pictures with me). As I have mentioned before, Jane has been a prodigious mentor and even greater friend. I know that the two of us have been able to make a difference over the past three years and have been able to identify a number of achievements that we can be proud of. Along the way we have also been able to have some of the best laughs and occasionally a tear or two.

 This photo is of Jane and I presenting at the 2008 WA Health Conference. I was the worst public speaker before Jane, who pushed me (supportively) into accepting these types of opportunities. We went on from there to present at a Symposium in Sydney. Although I am still not comfortable in front of a crowd, I can now speak with out feeling like the world is imploding.

Things change and we move on. I know Vince and my life is about to change. It also means that the future is not certain when it comes to being about to return to my job. I hope to return in some capacity and it would be great if it was the same. I am going to miss everyone: Rob, Wayne, Jacqui, Anne, Trevor, Mel, Chris, Carmel, Carole, Kel, Tracey, Dani, Ali, Lyd and everyone else, while I am away. J.

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