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Thursday, December 16, 2010


23kg is not enough!! I don't know how we are going to pack everything we need for what could possibly be a 8 week trip. Going over we only have the standard 23kg allowance each. As the babies are not with us there is no allowance for the stuff we need to take for them. On the way back Pati and Poppi get 10kg each. So now begins the process of sorting what can and can't go with us. I have been searching through the blogs I follow trying to see if formula is available that meets international standards, but no one has really said anything. When we were there in May we did a number of scouting trips and looked at was available in regards to baby clothes and supplies. We forgot to look at formula though.

Having made the trip before, we pretty much know what we need to take with us and it is not alot. I need a little more than Vince. If we need to, we can buy off the shelf for Vince. Given my size, off the shelf just does not work. I would need to get stuff tailor made. When we went to Japan, that was another story. They worshiped me in the Sumo shops we went to and I was able to get some traditional outfits.

As we both use CPAP machines these are classed as medical equipment and are not included in our allowance. The problem is that we do not check these in because of the risk of them ending up in some other country. We are also taking our laptop so that we can keep in touch. We have set up a skype account so that we can skype home. This makes for a lot of hand luggage and invariably we get questioned about it.

The most important issue is that given all of the above, my ability to shop is going to be very limited. I will have to use an old trick my Aunty Julie used to use. Buy what you feel you need (and what you want if it is for the right price) and then post it home by sea mail. Just be sure that the postage rates are less than the excess luggage rates.

Well back to it.

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