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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Car Seats

Another jammed packed day. Started with a Christmas breakfast at Miss Maud's with Mum and Dad, Alison Chris and Emmy, Lorissa, James and Thomas. We always have a great time and all left feeling full and bloated. Giving Emmy her presents was a highlight. Poor Lols had to go to work. The boys came home with us for a sleep over and we are taking them home tomorrow. It has been a laugh a minute with them all day. Tonight we had an old friend visit and stay for dinner.

I also managed to detail my car. Well at least the inside. Tomorrow I will do the outside. I know that it is most likely never going to be this clean again, but I really do like keeping it immaculate. I love my car. As I cleaned the windows I could picture them smeared by sticky hands and covered in fingerprints. The leather seats at least should be easy to keep clean (well I am telling myself this in any case). The other good thing is that the pram will fit in the back with the anchor straps in place. I am guessing that the seats will stay in the Pajero most of the time. They are to much trouble to fit to try and swap between the two cars.

We also tried out the new car seats. Thank god we did, because it turned out that we needed an extension piece for the anchor strap. So I had to go back to Baby on a Budget to get them. This was a real shame. So I made the most of it and had a little browse while I was there. Surprisingly I left with only the extensions. Seems I have already most of everything else. Surprisingly as well was the fact that when I walked in the ladies all asked if the twins were going OK and how long now till they arrive. Not that I have been in there much. Both seats are now fitted and ready to go. We chose to buy the Safe-n-Sound Meridian AHR restraints becasue they go from newborn to 18kg and they are easy to adjust as Pati and Poppy grow. I also liked that the colour matched the Pajero's interior.

Today is week 31. We fly out in under a week. Tomorrow our nephew Shannon is coming over to go over what he needs to do while we are away. We really can't thank him enough for taking on the house, two dogs and cat for six to eight weeks.

I think we are finally starting to relax a little and are beginning to enjoy the growing excitement. The house was never really going to be perfect (at least not how we pictured it), but we are very happy with the work we have done.

Night all.

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