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Thursday, December 23, 2010

So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight!

Hair cuts. Bags packed. Tickets and passports. Cash. Check.

Well it is our last night in Australia for six to eight weeks  and tomorrow night we will be in Singapore (that's if Qantas does not stuff things up). Two weeks R &R and then onto meet the new additions to our family. All I really want to say tonight is....

I have said it before, but it does need to be said again. We have truly been overwhelmed by the kindness, generosity and support given to us. Family, friends, colleagues and sometimes strangers have given us the most amazing experience over the past eight months or so. We have been given so many gifts and shown so much positive support that it has given us hope that these children will be as loved and supported and they will be accepted as the miracle they are. Again with the soppy and emotive, but it is how we feel. How can we not with what we have experienced. So again thank you to everyone. I also want to thank Vince for all he has been able to achieve over the past months. He has inherited his Fathers work ethic and has worked miracles. I have worked along side him and been motivated by his drive to make our  house the home we wanted it to be. He is a little disappointed that it is not quite there. But it is beginning to look how we pictured it. I have had a great time getting to where we are now and am actually looking forward to getting on with it when we get home. That's if Pati and Poppi allow us too! lol.
The only sad thing tonight is thinking about saying goodbye to our other children. They know something is going on because the cases are out and Dad's are running around like headless chooks. We just have to trust that Uncle Shannon will spoil them rotten while we are away. I have stocked up on pigs ears and treats. They have a new bed and have been given plenty of time to adjust to sleeping in the great out doors and to the changes around the house. Miss Margaret has to learn though that baby cloths are not for sleeping on!

I will be posting while away, depending on access.

So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight!
J and V

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  1. GOOD LUCK! All limbs will be crossed for you for as long as I can hold the pose :)

    And have a great Christmas!