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Saturday, December 25, 2010


I really love Christmas. It is not the religious connection or the commercialism. It is the fact that no matter what happens we spend it together. Either just us or with others we love. When we can we always put up out tree. This year we couldn't so we have adopted this one as ours. It is in the foyer of our hotel. It is huge!! and appropriately decorated! Symmetry and co-ordination. Always important. I guess I'll have to get used to asymmetry and clashing decorations in the future. Maybe I will adopt my cousin Corinne's idea and have a special Kid's tree that they can decorate.

We had a special day. Our trip over was a little disappointing because we did not get the upgrade we requested and then the hotel decided that being two guys meant we needed separate beds and changed our booking to a twin room instead of the King deluxe we booked. Vince, my knight in shinning tinsel soon fixed that with his usual diplomatic complaints. We were soon upgraded to a deluxe King and are now very happy. I have to say they have been excellent and very responsive. We also splashed out and bought the executive package. It gives us breakfast, access to the private lounge, all day refreshments and nibbles, laundry, complimentary drinks (non-alcoholic) from the minibar and unlimited internet.  

We had not planned to do much today other than settle in. However when we went down to the foyer (after moving to our new room) we found that the hotel was going all out with a Christmas buffet and they let us in without a booking. So we had an amazing Christmas lunch and were able to really enjoy the festive cheer. The best part was the chocolate. So much chocolate. A chocolate fountain! Did I mention, so much chocolate. We talked and laughed and talked about Christmas ghosts of the future. Especially as there were so many kids and even more so after Santa arrived!! A really great day. Did I mention the chocolate fountain!! My cousin Jenny would have been in heaven and I made sure I ate her share as well.

After lunch we decided that we needed to go for a walk. I think Vince felt that I needed to walk after all the chocolate. Oh and there was fruit, so he was as excited as I was. I dipped my fruit in chocolate :-). We walked for miles (well at least in my head it was miles) and found a shopping centre. The day just got better because as we went in to the escape the monsoonal shower and heat I spotted Starbucks. Caramel frap after all the chocolate was not a good idea, but it was cold. While we were downing the icy goodness we toasted our friends Audrey and Leslie who introduced us to Starbucks and wished their little boy Copper a Merry Christmas. I found a whole floor of gadgets. Best Christmas ever!! Then we had to walk back :-(. We had planned to catch a river taxi back but they stopped early because of the Christmas holiday.

Then we tried Skype to check that it was going to work. It worked, and we were able to talk to Mum and Dad. So if you like to use Skype we are now available. Our Skype account is mooremazoue.

I am on about my fifth Turkey (have to love duty free) and coke and just about ready for bed. So I want to wish all of our family and friends a Merry Christmas and hope that you have enjoyed time with your loved ones, as I have today. I also want to toast my mate and send love to his Family.

So the first day of what we have dubbed the "Journey of the Stork" has been amazing and tomorrow we will be........? guess we will make our mind up in the morning.

Oh and we are 32 weeks.

Love J.

PS: I also love a really good storm. Lightning and thunder! It reminds me of the summer storms we used to get when i was growing up in the Goldfields. Tonight, just to top off the day we are being treated to the best light show and window shaking thunder that I have seen in ages. I guess Huey, Vince name for the big cheese, decided to give a Christmas day we would remember for years to come. Well at least for our DINK years. Who knows when the two, becomes four what Christmas is going to be like. Just another wonder to ponder.

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