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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I hate packing. Especially when everything you want to take does not fit in the case. Now that we have two weeks in Singapore before we fly onto Mumbai we could possibly be away for up to eight weeks. Our stuff is not really the problem. I have learnt to pack light over the years and realistically we could travel with one case. For this trip though we are also packing for four. We need to take enough formula for at least 4 weeks, as well as some baby clothes. Then there are the required books (I cannot go eight weeks without something to read) and gadgets. I have pre-purchased an extra 5kg each for the two flights over. On the way back the babies get 10kg each, minus the formula, so we will have room to spare. Shame that. Waste not want not. I will have to find ways of filling us up. Did I mention that Indian cotton is amazing. Once we get to meet Pati and Poppy Dad is going shopping!!!!!  Last day of work tomorrow. We are both absolutely knackered and now we are both really looking forward to a nice quiet hotel room before the next scene begins.


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  1. Ditch the books. India has a thriving book publishing industry (Penguin have their own division there) and I'm sure you can buy interesting books cheaply while you're there. Just take one to get you there & be prepared to dump your books as you go (leave them at the backpackers lodges -- actually, they all have book exchanges, so you may just be able to wander in & swap one for another, no buying necessary.

    Good luck! Crossing fingers for you that all goes swimmingly.