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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hiranandani Hospital

Hiranandani Hospital
Went with the spirits. Chivas to be exact. So feeling a little chatty. Thought I might share where Pati and Poppy are going to be born. They are being delivered at Hiranandani Hospital near Powai Lake. The link will take you to the hospital's web page. It is a private hospital with a number of specialties. We have the option of staying at the Hospital but bit is quite expensive. So we are going to stay at our hotel which is only minutes away.

Oritel Serviced Apartments

We have chosen to stay at the Oritel Serviced Apartments. I was going to put a link to their site, but it is not working at present. We have a 2 bedroom, self contained apartment. That way one of us can sleep while the other takes care of the babies. We have been promised a Queen size bed in one room and a single bed and cot in the other. There are a number of large shopping malls near by where we can buy supplies. Hopefully we can do some of our own cooking. There is a pool. Will have to wait and see if it is safe. The gardens look nice. Let's hope the photos match the actual place when we arrive. The few reviews that I have been able to find seem positive.

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