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Friday, December 10, 2010

Home Coming

Coming Home Outfits
I went shopping today to find an outfit for the twins for their home coming. We wanted to pick something that we both would like. I found these white outfits and fell in love with them (the photo does not do them justice). So if they fit these are what Pati and Poppi will where home from the hospital and possibly when they arrive in Australia.

It seems that they are going to have a grand welcoming home. We have had a number of people saying that they are going to be at the airport when we arrive and we are stoked that people want to be there. We do not get in to the early hours of the morning, so we would never expect anyone to be there (except Uncle Peter with the Pajero), but if they are it would be wonderful. Tonight we talked about having a home coming party. Inviting our friends and family to come and welcome the twins to Australia and the family. I know we both would love this.

Will it be a home coming King and Queen, a pair of Kings or a pair of Queens. Any which way we win with a Royal Flush.


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