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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holding Pattern

My colleague and friend, Jane asked me how I was feeling about work at the moment. I said that I felt like I was in a holding pattern and just responding to course corrections as they came through. For the past couple of weeks I have been a little  stressed about having my role ready to handover. I have mentioned before that my role is a little unique to health and there are really only two of us that perform the role. This week I have been a lot more relaxed because I can only do what I can do. Today was officially my last day in control as I start handing over from Monday to another colleague and friend, Kelly (Kelly had to go through a selection process to get the position, one which I stood back from because we are friends). Jane, who is the other person who does the same role as me, has become a dear friend and Vince and I have gotten to know her family and really enjoy their company. Kelly I worked with in ICU and completed  post grad studies together. I know I can trust Kelly to keep the seat warm while I am away and you never know we could end up job sharing!!

Last night we had one of those course corrections. It had the potential to cause unexpected delays, but it soon corrected itself and we are now back on course. Mum and Dad's close friends who we have grown up with were going to be house sitting for us while we were away. It was a great chance for them to have a holiday in Perth from Kalgoorlie. Unfortunately for reason's beyond their control they are no longer able to come. It is a disappointment because we knew how much it meant to them and also for us. Luckily our nephew Shannon has made himself available (again, what a legend. He was originally going to look after the house but was happy to leave it so that our friends could have a holiday). So after a little concern (Vince would call it hysteria on my part) everything is calm again.

Last night we started packing some of the stuff we want to take for Pati and Poppy. It is hard to know what to take and we have been combing all of the other blogs we have been following to get ideas and suggestions. We have decided on a couple of outfits to suit either boys or girls, a set of bottles, fformula and our slings. The rest we know we can buy in Mumbai. The cotton in India is amazing. Already we know we will have to buy some excess luggage. Between us we also had enough frequent flyers to request an upgrade to business class on our flight to Singapore. Lets hope we get it.


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