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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big 30

The big 30. Week 30!! So only 6 weeks to go if all goes to plan. We have been working on the floors all day (except for a couple of excursions to Bunnings and City Farmers). It is 745pm and we have had to knock off because of the noise. To stuffed to cook, so we rang our good friends as the Cosmos Terrace who will now deliver an amazing dinner. We had lots of visitors today. An unexpected surprise was a visit from Tim and Justine our cousins who live in Parapurdoo. They called from Carousel shopping centre to see if we had jumper leads because Justine left the lights on! So Vince went to their rescue while I kept working. They  came back here for a toilet break and quick drink. I have to say that Justine looks awesome. She has lost weight and had just had her hair cut.  Aunty Kay also dropped in with her partner Keith and Mum and Dad. Poor Aunty Kay. She had on a beautiful bright green top that was made of an unusual material that looked like suckers on an octopus's tentacles. I always seem to put my foot in it with Aunty Kay. Especially today because I said it made her look like one of those toilet paper dolls. You know, the ones Nana's often have in the loo covering the spare roll. They are leaving tomorrow, so it was a little sad. It has been a blessing having her here because she has been a big help to Mum and Dad.

While at Bunnings I decided that I needed a new toy. A nice new planer, just like Uncle Bill's. I think we now have a full set of electric tools. Sorry, no. We still need a router. So far I have not found a reason to buy one. I did use the new planer today though and it was exciting. Tomorrow we should knock the rest of the floor on the head. Then it is a matter of putting everything back where it belongs and cleaning up. The rest will have to wait till we get home. I am stoked though with what we have achieved.

Well I'm off to have a shower before the honey king prawns arrive. While I'm in the shower I will decide if it will be beer, wine or spirits.


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