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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our tourist visas expired on Wednesday and by Friday applications for new ones were flying registered post across Australia to Canberra for processing. I hate having to send my passport anywhere that I am not attached to it. Now we just have to wait and see how long it takes to process and pray that it is before the 25th of December. I sent a cover letter explaining our situation and why we have applied within one month of a previous visa hoping that it may expedite things a little. 

Dr Meenakshi has advised us that our next scan will be around the 18th of November and so far everything is going OK after the Cerclage. Our friend Steve also had news that everything is going OK with his twins (which he is convinced are boys) . So it seems that the positives influences of the world are back on top. The only problem at the moment and it really is minor, but a huge pita (pain in the arse) is the Westpac bank. We thought we would make sure that we had access to some funds in case things did go pear shaped and played around with our finances a little. It seems that we were either not very clear in what we asked for or they did not listen at all. Now they have to reverse a number of stuff ups they made. I just hope they do not try and penalise us other wise Angry Ant (as my Dad calls Vince when his back is up) will be onto them.

I have had a number of people saying that they are not sure how to post comments on this site. I am still learning things about Blogger and usually use the help page or google. I have added a link to the relevant help page. Please persevere as we really do love the comments people leave. It is all part of the history that we are trying to build for Pati and Poppy.

Have a great day.


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  1. I will light a candle to the God of lazy Public Servants for you in the hope of some speed!