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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Got so far to go....

The Cerclage went without a hitch and it seems that our surrogate, Pati and Poppy are all fine (Schmoe this is your fault, the nicknames that is). So now begins the anxious wait til we fly out on Christmas day in 7 weeks time. Given the events of the past few days it seems that this seven weeks are going to be some of the longest weeks in our lives.

Some anxiety also has arisen from the fact that Qantas planes seem to be having some difficulty with leaving Singapore and of course we are flying with Qantas via Singapore to Mumbai and return. Lets hope that they manage to keep them in the sky. I have always preferred to fly Qantas believing that the premium price guaranteed a certain level of premium service and product. I am re-thinking this given that I have not seen any media regarding exploding engine on Air Asia flights. Lets hope corporate greed does not destroy another Aussie icon.

25 weeks today and we got to celebrate a little tonight with a surprise visit from some old friends and Mum and Dad. Seeing their excitement for us really lifted our spirits.

Yesterday and today we also spent with Lorissa and the two boys and it was great quality time. Lorissa got to bring Patrick home and it felt good knowing he was around. We also got to see his family. I also got to play with computers for most of the day, so it was even more special.

This afternoon we also had a visit from Grandmere who arrived with three large bags full of goodies for Pati and Poppy. Clothes, toys and many other fun things that we had great delight in opening and playing with. A highlight was a little praying bunny that when you push one foot it says the "Now I lay thee down to sleep..." prayer in English and when you push the other foot in French and quickly became my current favourite. I still believe that we may have to change the locks when the babies arrive to keep Gran and Grandmere out. Not that we ever would. Going to bed tonight with a warm fuzzy. The past is the past and we have come so far..........

Night all. Can you tell that I watched Hairspray recently?? What do you think of Maybelle as a name?? :-)

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  1. This blog put a smile on my face regarding 'Paddy and Poppy' and a chill up my spine regarding Patrick....but a nice chill.
    Still enjoying reading your blog...keep up the good work.