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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Glad we don't live in NSW

NSW parliament is in the process of passing legislation to legalise altruistic surrogacy and an amendment has been added to criminalise commercial surrogacy both in NSW and for overseas arrangements. It is not clear at the moment whether the new legislation will be open to gay men. WA has altruistic surrogacy laws which are not open to gay men which is why we had to go overseas. The WA legislation in it's present form does not cover overseas arrangements as far as I am aware. In Queensland, gay couples have been granted the right to have children through altruistic surrogacy, but not adoption. In WA gay couples can adopt.

I think it is great that they have produced legislation that gives surrogacy legal standing. I think it is another blow to our equal rights though if, like WA, they close the door to gay couples and also then criminalise their only other option to become parents. Talk about driving away the pink dollar. I know we considered moving to NSW to chase our dream of becoming parents because prior to this step it was a little easier to access IVF etc in NSW. So I would hate to think how many gay couples may now think about relocating. Lets hope our State Government does not now think about changing our legislation to effectively ban gay from having children. I am so glad we have done this now and not waited.

Apparently this amendment is to protect the children and was added by the NSW Community Service Minister. I know we have spent numerous hours soul searching the morality and ethics of what we are doing and making sure that we have created an environment that will nourish and support our kids. We have done hours of research, sought the best deal for our surrogate and chose India because our money will make a difference. As opposed to paying Doctors and Lawyers in the USA, who are the ones capitalising on this process. How is that not good for a child. We don't take drugs, quit smoking and only drink as per the medically recommended limits. We both work hard and therefore contribute to our society. We donate to charity where possible and always try to be there for others when needed. We try not to judge others and are as tolerant as we can be. We don't go to "man's" church, but we believe in God. Maybe we should quit our jobs, move to Balga, take up smoking, drop a few E's and start playing the scene, start shoplifting, pinch a couple of cars and go to mass to seek forgiveness for our sins. Maybe then the government will throw money at us, put us on a good behaviour bond and throw in a couple of kids for free.

Sorry ranting again.


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  1. Your blog is very well written and I am enjoying accompanying you on your journey to parenthood, there is no more wonderful blessing in the world than children.

    I hope your passports are returned in time and that all goes smooth. I am also hoping you don't mind if I follow along, lurk on the sidelines.