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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Only medicine could come up with such a name. Freaking out just a little! We got news today that our poor surrogate (still hate using this term) has had to be hospitalised because the Doctor is concerned that her cervix is not coping with the twins. They have decided to do a Cerclage or cervical stitch to try and help things along. Dr Meenakshi  says everything is fine and not to worry. And we are trying not to, but there is that whole ocean between us thing again and the fact that there is this other amazing human being going through this for us and we are not there to comfort and support her and her family. We have decided that based on our understanding of the clinical facts and stats (Dr Google and Pubmed to the rescue again) that we should continue with that positive warm glow in our hearts, sending our love and positive vibes into the ether and hope that Karma some how enhances it. Based on these new and what can only be described as paternal emotions we will quietly shed a tear of nervousness and allow those with life experience to comfort us with their love, support, advice and wisdom. I think this little icon says it all (couldn't find a non-copyright picture of stunned rabbit in headlight).

Our friend Jo who works with Vince has nicknamed the little ones chapati and poppadom, or Pati and Poppy for short and it has stuck. So I am giving Pati and Poppy my first parental order "the Doctor has closed the gate, so bloody well stay in side".

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  1. I just found your blog via Ampersand Duck's. I loved reading about your experiences and am wishing you and your growing family every happiness as you travel along your journey.