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Sunday, October 17, 2010

All the Twos, 22

We are now 22 weeks along. The Nursery is coming along nicely. We have tried to keep it neutral where possible. I wanted to make my own curtains and this is the only material I could find that had animals on it that were not characters. It was a decision we made very early on that we only wanted to use animals and not commercial characters for decoration. We both love Pooh and Tiger, Disney and Sesame Street, but they are all so much more expensive and often not the greatest quality for what you pay. We have also been very open to pass ons and hand me downs. Where
possible we have re-used items. What we have now is as fun, safe and functional as we can make it.

The house is also coming along nicely. With only 10 weeks to go before we fly out it is unlikely we will get everything done. It is nice to know though that the majority of projects we had left are nearly completed.

As a side note, it has been very exciting to watch some of the media coverage of India during the commonwealth games. It can be a fun place though if you are in a hurry. Not! We were lucky not to get Delhi Belly during the last trip. Mostly because we took our great friend Cipro (or Ciprofloxacin).

We just want to say thank you to all our friends and family, work colleagues and sometimes strangers who have been so overwhelmingly positive and supportive. This could easily have been a very difficult journey and there is a long road ahead of us. However if our new family receives the support and love that we are currently getting, then we will be able to grow, prosper and cope with anything. A wise person told us that a child only knows they are different when an adult tells them so. Our family will be different, but it will be one born of love and respect. It will be nourished by those around us who love and care for us. So again we say thank you for your love, support and acceptance.

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  1. giddyup. well done guys. the room looks gorgeous! Tracey