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Saturday, October 23, 2010

23 and counting.....

We are now 23 weeks. Our 22 week scan, which arrived on Thursday, showed that all is well. Except that one twin is growing at a greater rate and is now quite the boofer compared to their sibling. Along with images this time we actually got a copy of the USG report which enabled us to spend some quality time with Dr Google doing some relevant research.

Over the last 3 months we have pretty much been working our little buts (well little in Vince's case anyway) off trying to get as many projects completed as possible. It seemed that this weekend we finally ran out of steam and had to take a little mental health break.

I sent Vince out into the garden to play with his roses. This is his idea of relaxation. I on the other hand did some filing. It plays to my OCD!! I also caught up on The Good Wife. Tomorrow we are hoping that the engines rev up again and we can get back to it.

On Friday I actually engaged with Centre Link and the Family Assistance Office to begin the process of claiming the Paid Parental leave amongst other things. It felt very weird answering so many questions. I now have a Customer Access Number and am officially on Big Brothers books. I have to admit that I was a little chuffed when the online service asked if I had a partner and then kept asking questions like "and does Vincent have a job?". Bravo BB for recognising my one and only and our little family. Now we just have to get BB to give "Vincent" the sames rights as any other parent.

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