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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Generations of Love

Today we said goodbye to the last of a generation of our family. Del Moore, or Nan, was buried today with Barny Moore, our Pop. I was not able to make it to Esperance for the the funeral for a number of reasons and my heart has ached all day. I instead went and spent the time with my Mum who is currently in hospital. I took her in a wheelchair down to the hospital chapel and we sat there while the funeral was happening with Mum going through family history.
Nan was amazing. Always on time and always prepared. We used to laugh because on the many return journeys to Esperance from Perth she would take the house key out of her bag as they passed through Ravensthorpe (almost 2 hours from Esperance for those who do not know WA). She would always have the cups for hers and Pops morning tea set out the night before, with their medications ready next to them as well. Most meals were prepared well in advance, sitting ready to be put together fresh when the time was right (a habit that Dad picked up when he peels, cuts and soaks his veggies for the evening meal at 11am). There was always a slice made ready and sitting in the cake tin on the fridge for us hungry grand kids or for the unexpected visitor. I got my love of cooking from Nan. She taught me many of her own recipes. One in particular I will have the joy of passing on. It is a traditional handmade Ravioli. Some of my favourite memories are of spending the day in the kitchen with her and various other family members making this amazing dish. The only problem is that it has enough butter to clog every artery in the body and enough garlic to ward off every flu virus with in a mile. Her apple fritter are legendary to us grand kids, especially when we remember when she used to make them on the wood stove in the griddle.
All four of my Grandparents are now deceased and so moves up the next generation. I have been blessed with knowing my Grandparents and having them heavily involved in my life. Each and everyone of them shaped me in some way. We were lucky that both the two Nans got on well and were friends. Although there was always a little competition. Both were very proud women who set high standards for themselves and their families. Pop and Grandad also got on. I now hope that our children get to have the same relationship with their Grandparents. Goodbye Nan xxx.

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