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Friday, October 8, 2010


It seems that the circle of life moves along without any hindrance. He giveth and he taketh. I had this photo and caption siting in the draft pile thinking about what I wanted write about my Nan. I had been thinking about telling some of the stories from our child hood and also sharing some of the lessons learnt from her over the years. Vince and I had already planned to go straight on to Esperance when we got home to Australia with the kids. Down to see Great Nana Moore. Seems that I now know what I need to say as we lost our Nan tonight. I know that she was ready. Her mind was still as sharp as the proverbial tack. Unfortunately her body was the let down and I think it frustrated her no end. 'Ï don't want to be a burden" was a phrase often repeated over recent years. I am not able to write much more tonight because my mind is swirling with emotion. I just want to say that my heart is aching for my Dad and his Sister Kaye. Mum. For Kylie, Bret, Jack and Lilly. Ricky. Peter. (I received a request to edit this post and to remove names from the entry and have happily complied with that request).
I am also feeling tremendous sorrow for Lorissa. It was her's and Patrick's 16th wedding anniversary today. She has had to cope with Fathers Day, her Birthday and now their anniversary all within months of his passing. I cannot know how she feels, but I know the pain I feel for her and the two boys. God please wrap your arms around those that we love. Hug them close and ease their pain.

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