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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Another trip to Balingup done and dusted. Quick overnight trip, but we got alot done. Again the best thing about these trips over the past weeks has been the amount of talking we have been doing. One of the strongest parts of our relationship is that we can do this. Three hours in the car flies by and we chat consistently about work, friends, family, plans, beliefs and I could go on. After almost twenty years together the conversation never seems to dull. It does, as we get older, become a little repetitious at times, but never dull. The conversations now have a new vigour as we alter old plans, make new ones and imagine what could be. We never have to work at this. It seems to come naturally.

Today I also realised that we have never once had a fight were one or both of us has walked away hurt or scarred. Of course we have disagreements but they usually only involve a curt word or slightly raised voice. We have sometimes carried a little anger overnight, but is is always resolved quickly. Maybe it is because we are both Pisces. I'm not sure. But I know that we do respect each other immensely. If one of us is feeling hurt or maligned, the other usually picks up on it pretty quick and we then go on to discuss the problem and move on passed it. I am hoping that this will continue and that the little ones will learn this quality from us. I hope this doesn't sound all sickly sweet. It is how I felt today and what was going on in my mind and so wanted to share it. We love each other and our house, I believe, will be a place of love and a home for our children.

I am lucky.

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