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Friday, September 3, 2010

Gay Dads

Well I am beginning to think that today was Gay Dads day. Firstly my Mum rang me this morning all choked up with tears of joy. Apparently her and Dad had woken up this morning and watched Sunrise. There was a story on about a Sydney family of two Dads with their twin boy and girl. I knew it was on and so had taped it. I think it made things really hit home for both the folks. That it is happening. The guys appeared to be a great couple and their kids were gorgeous. I am grateful that the story ran because it also showed the folks that there are others out there and that maybe, just maybe, things are going to be OK.

Then also today we got some other news. While in India we met another guy named Steve from America who was also there to use a surrogacy service. His partner was home in the States. Unfortunately not everything went to plan and after spending three weeks in Mumbai Steve returned home a little disillusioned. Steve contacted us today to say that things were back on track and we are so very happy for him. It has been really great to be able to share our journeys. We have joked about our kids being pen pals! We were meant to fly out to the States for a 4 week tour a week ago. Something we had to cancel because of the costs of what we are doing. We were sad because we had been planning the trip for a couple of years. It was a trip meant for Vince's 40th and also for our long service. Our friends Audrey and Leslie also live in the States and we were meant to stay with them and their little boy Cooper.  What we are expecting now definitely cancels out the sadness, but there is still a little regret. I told Steve today that we had opened a special saving account so that when the kids are older we can take them to Disney Land, to meet Aunts Audrey and Leslie and little Coop, as well as to meet our new friends family.

Tomorrow we are 16 weeks and everything seems to be going well.

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