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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have had the most rewarding weekend this weekend. Dad decided to come down to Balingup with us this weekend. Just what the Doctor ordered. Over that past 4 weeks he has been sticking to a strict diet ordered by his endocrinologist. We have also been on a diet, but not as strict. Last night we let our hair down and lit the wood BBQ to cook some sausages to have on bread. Dad and I had a beer sitting next to the BBQ because it was so bloody cold. We did some reminiscing and also talked about the babies and we also had a great laugh. I made bush toast (toast done on the BBQ plate) . Then tonight we shared a bottle of Baileys after bacon and egg sandwiches eaten in front of the fire. It was so good to relax and enjoy his company. Him and Vince get along so well and they work well together. He reminds me of Pop so much now because by 7pm he is looking for the "sack" as he calls it. I hope I get to create these types of memories. Also can't wait to see how he copes with two at once.

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