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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 9

Hooray, the next pictures have arrived. OMG it is amazing to finally get them and to know that everything is all right. Our poor Dr must think that she has a pair of the proverbial drama queens stalking her after 2 texts and 3 emails asking what was happening. But it was worth the wait. All is as it should be.

I actually teared up today when these came through. I was in my office at work which is quite isolated with no windows and sound proofed because it has 4 brick walls and both doors are fire doors. Needless to say it was excruciating because I just wanted to yell look at this. Isn't it amazing. Instead I tried to call Vince but he wasn't answering, so I called Mum. Mum was at her computer so I forwarded the images on so we could share them. One of those special moments in time.

Well the next milestone is due in week 11 when we have the unenviable task of waiting for the outcome of the embryo reduction procedure. We know some people will have issues with this and we respect those beliefs (and understand them). But it is part of this process and we need to ensure the safety of our surrogate (using this seems so impersonal but you will understand if we don't share this amazing person's name with the world).

We have been amazed by peoples response and support. We know this is still very early days but people have already been giving small tokens of there love for us and our new growing family. It is helping to make this even more of a joyous journey. We did have an almost subliminal fear that we would have to become a little more insular as the word spread, unsure of peoples reactions. What a waste of time and energy. We love you all :-).

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