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Sunday, July 11, 2010


We were due to have a scan on Saturday (10th July) and are now waiting for the results to come through. Am expecting them to come through tomorrow. Anxious.

Have spent the weekend down in Balingup working on the house down there getting it ready for sale. Both of us were feeling crappy about selling it because we have spent a lot of time and effort on it. But now that we are about to expand our family it really is not cost effective to hang on to it. DINK is all gone bye bye now and we have to start making those sacrifices that we always hear about. Don't get me wrong. For once I am the one saying "we can't afford that anymore" and I know Vince just love's it.

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  1. Balingup is certainly a beautiful place. We go to the local pub there for lunch every other Friday. I would give up everything just to have a beautiful baby, let alone three. I think you two are fabulous. Love Nicole Kelly