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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Researching the Modern Family

Thank God for Dr Google. Where would we be with out all those forums. Funny though. I actually am enjoying hearing from those around us who have plenty to share. Why re-invent the wheel. I know that we are streaks ahead in some areas (Vince being Paed trained and I having done a smidgen of neonates). But it is still great to have the experience of others. We are lucky that we have watched our friends and families kids grow over the years and to have sometimes been included in many of the trials and tribulations. I really am not worried by how we are going to manage. Of course we won't know until we are in the thick of it, but at the moment I have a lovely calmness that is like that feeling you get after a nip of raw alcohol. It burns softly in the depths of your tummy :-).

Finances, well that is another thing altogether. The thought of losing my "disposable" income is daunting and those who know me best will understand. 5 and 10 year plans are out the window and the new ones are on hold until a special delivery arrives. Vince thinks it's great because I am watching every penny and making sure that it counts. Given the added cost of actually using a surrogacy service we have been making sure that we start collecting things evenly over the pregnancy. I know that some think us mad. Wives tales and all. We have our feet planted on the ground and know we have a long way to go. However now that this is a real option that can be pursued with light at the end of the tunnel it's full steam ahead. There have been many stories of others having problems and hiccups while following this path, but I am yet to find one where there was not an eventual positive outcome.

So given all of that. Watch out EBay, Big W, Baby on a Budget, Baby'sRus (bugger Myer and DJs)and all the others. Here we come. My cousin Jenny used to be the lay by Queen. Well this cousin is going to give her a run for her money. So far we have felt like somewhat of a novelty to those who have served us (and we can't help playing on it a little) but it is great to be fussed over. Most get a little shock at how informed we are. I know I have even seen a hint of "Modern Family" in their beaming smile as we fuss over how gorgeous things are.

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