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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heat Wave

I'm so hot!
Grandpere has been here today finishing off putting ceiling fans in for us. Grandmere baby sat the girls while we attended an open day at the local Montessori school. We were impressed and are going to enrol the girls. But more on that later. Today's topic is the heatwave we are experiencing. The humidity is stifling and the fact that our minimum temperature has not been under 20c for over a week is not helping anyone sleep at night. Even though they are sleeping longer, they are not getting quality sleep and are very unsettled. They are also feeding more to keep hydrated from sweating so much. We have bought a new split system for our living room which is not going in until the 9th March. I think we may well camp in the one room if the weather is still the same after that. So far we have been lucky to keep the dreaded heat rash at bay. Mosquitos are another story. Both the girls have bites everywhere despite using sprays and repellents (not on the girls). We have never had problems with mosquitos inside before. They seem to be everywhere. Tomorrow we are going to put up the net we have.

One saving grace is that Willow and Taylor both love a bath and the shower. It is a great way to cool them off and make them a little more comfortable.

Another bonus us that the washing has dropped off. It has been so hot that the girls are most comfortable in just a singlet and nappy. So much for the expensive Grobags (although they are great and work well). It is just to hot for them. Even the 1 tog are too warm.

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