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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Turn

We decided to have newborn screening done on the girls while they are in hospital. Unfortunately it means that Taylor won't be home with us until Wednesday. She has also lost a little weight, down from 1.89 to 1.7kg. So she needs to gain a little weight again. Willow has dropped from 1.98 to 1.87kg. But after today I am not as worried about her.

Today I got to hold Willow for the first time and then also give her a bottle. I welled up big time and had tears streaming down my face. The nurses all laughed again. These experiences are the best and even more than anyone could have explained. Poor Vince never got to hold Willow because he was feeding Taylor and only just managed to capture the above shot. Willow has a really strong sucking reflex. She just needs to be able to stay awake long enough to feed.

The only problem we had was that Willow still won't open her eyes. This meant that we could not get a photo for her passport. So we will have to try again tomorrow. I hate having to use the flash on them.

Not quite ready for her close up.

For those following this blog that are thinking of following us down this path. I have to say that the Oritel has grown on us. It is actually a great place to stay. It has everything you need relatively close. If not in walking distance, then only 10 minutes away by rickshaw. There are plenty of shops that stock baby stuff like nappies, wipes, soap, clothes etc. You just need to bring your formula with you. They are building up a number of regular taxi drivers who are getting to know the various spots you need to go (and the main shopping malls). They have a hotel car you can hire that is reasonable. If you are as lucky as we have been, you may also meet people that will become great friends :o). The girls will also soon get to meet their first friend. He's quite cute too! and very well behaved.

Just don't let the neighbours put you off.

Piglet. One of our noisy neighbours.
Piglet and his family of 8 or so love to congregate outside our window. They don't seem bothered by the cows that wander past or the occasional herd of goats that are driven past by their shepherds. Even the pack of dogs all seem to get along.
If all went to plan Willow and Taylor would have been 35 weeks today. Instead they are 1 week and four days.

Happy 40th Birthday to my Cousin Corinne.

J & V

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  1. What kind of screening did you get for your baby.... did you get the result???? when i got one done i wasnt satisfied??? what a waste when the world over they are doing screening for more than 100 genetic disorder and you get your baby covered for just a few!!!!!!! Thats Unfair