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Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm ready for my close up....

Today was a great day. Well mostly. Dr Kabra told us that if nothing changes Taylor can come home to the hotel on Monday. We managed to get a photo of her that we can now use for her citizenship application and passport. 

Miss Taylor

The other good news was that Willow's lumbar puncture was all clear. They also took out her oro-gastric tube and gave her her first oral feed. She took it in her stride. Now she just needs to finish her IV antibiotics and show that she can tolerate the feeds. Dr Kabra said maybe another 5 days or so.

Look! No tubes!
It looks like I am going to have to fly to Dehli on Tuesday to have my DNA test done because the High Commission has insisted that it be done there. I am really annoyed that I have to leave Vince and the girls and fly across the country. I was so upset that after giving them a fairly good reason to let me have the test done here with the twins that they still said no (and i know they have done in the past) I wrote to the Immigration Minister to complain. I also sent it to the shadow Minister for good measure. I have heard of letters to the Health Minister for a lot less during my time working in the public health system So I thought bugger it, I'm going to complain. Guess it won't eve be a blip on their radar. Let's just hope all runs smoothly while I'm gone. I know Vince will be fine.



  1. I sorry you have a few hick ups, But when you get home they will all seems like a dream. Just get through now and take one day at a time. Love Mum

  2. With Taylors passport photo. It seems light you have given her a fright!

  3. At least Vince can use the rickshaw while you are on your travels