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Friday, November 26, 2010

Vince the Builder

Last night we went to Mum and Dad's for dinner. We wanted to catch up on how they were both doing. I also wanted to install a webcam on their computer so that we can Skype them while in India. If you have been following this blog you would know that earlier in the year they bought a pram for us, but we were not allowed to have it in the house until Patti and Poppy are born. So last night while i put the webcam together Vince got to put the pram together to make sure that it was all there and in working order (still not allowed to bring it home). Apparently Uncle Peter will have to deliver it to our house while we are away. I know Vince had great fun putting it together and there where no parts left over!! We chose the Strider Plus (pictured) because both seats are able to accommodate a newborn. Plus it fits through standard doorways.

During the week we received an email saying that the package we sent arrived and was well received. The email also had a little shock in it for us as well. Originally we had booked to fly out in the second week of January. However when we received the letter from our obstetrician that I needed for work to get parental leave we were told that we needed to be available from Christmas day. So we changed our flights and booked our leave accordingly. Then in the email received this week Dr Meenakshi says "Christmas a little early, come January 15th". You could imagine how pissed off we were. Especially with the amount of money we have already paid to Qantas this year!!!. So I said to Vince that we have not actually had a holiday for over 18 months and that it would be cheaper to just change our flight to stop over in Singapore. We already have all the leave booked and it would be a pain to change. We already have to pay for accommodation. So we have changed our flights again and booked two weeks at a Singapore hotel and fly into Mumbai on the 9th January. This also means that we are half way there in case something does happen and we can have a good break before the little ones arrive and the endless nights of broken sleep etc that we have been warned of begin.

There is a silver lining to this as well. Originally when we were told to be in Mumbai from Christmas day we were greatly concerned that they would look at delivering the twins before week 36. We know this is not an ideal situation and I am sure I have spoken about this previously. Now it seems that we are aiming for week 36 and this gives us a little more faith in our medical team. I know a few of our colleagues (and friends) were a little concerned about this too. We had to give up our USA tour because of problems with leave, but now we get two weeks in a 5 Star hotel in a city that is all about food and shopping. Yes Vince is cringing.

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