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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I never got to post last night so am a little late because last night was a little unexpected. After working on the house for most of the day we both started to finish off at about 6.30pm. I put tea on and Vince was watering the gardens. I poured myself a shandy and collapsed on the couch to watch the news. Vince's mobile rang and it was Rae asking where we were. I said I was on the couch watching telly. Rae said that Uncle Jack was there and they were waiting for us and hadn't Vince told me we were going for tea. Of course I was a little embarrassed and quickly handed the phone of to Vince.
Vince  was greeted by Uncle Jack saying "get your bloody arse here". So we spruced our selves up and flew up the freeway. Arriving to find a nice surprise with Auntie Laurie, Colin and Elyse there as well. So we had Mum's famous curry chicken, Uncle Jacks chili, Auntie Laurie's "Mouldy fish coconut chutney", as Jack called it and a king brown of Rob's home brewed stout. We ended up having a really great night. This is one of my favourite things about the in laws. They have the best dinners around the table with great food, wine, jokes and conversation.
It is always relaxed and welcoming and the family is so big that there is usually always someone different around the table. Rae always cooks up a storm and someone else always brings something interesting and yummy to eat. the highlight of the evening is usually when everyone has had a couple of vino's and the Olds inevitably break into French. I could sit there for hours listening (have never managed to pick any up though). We have both talked about maybe starting to learn so that the kids can be bilingual. Will have to look into it further.

Coming home from dinner we were both so overjoyed because Vince's family are also so supportive and accepting of our decision to create our own family. For a little time there  he was a little concerned (as was I with mine) how some would react, but so far it has been love and acceptance all the way.

We are now 27 weeks and 5 weeks away from leaving for India.


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