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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mile stones

Well the next mile stone is the next ultrasound which is due around the 10th July. We have still not stopped grinning. Pearly whites all round!

So far the only negative that I can post is the awful feeling that everything is happening so far away. But that is just a niggle under the surface. Our Doctor is very understanding but we know that she must get bombarded by emails, texts etc from all of her grate full clients.

We know that we are blessed because during our research we came to understand that most people using a surrogate service do not always have success on the first go. It usually takes 2-3 or more goes before they get a positive outcome. This is also keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Even though our hearts are way up in the air. But we are nurses. We can multi-task!!

We have amazing friends and family who have all been so supportive and positive. So far only one negative response. Gotta be happy with that. It is wonderful to have everyone's offers of advice, wisdom, personal stories, opinions and the list goes on, but we know this is the journey of our family and we will take it as it comes, as we always have. It has warmed our hearts to know thát should we need it we have so much to draw upon.
The two brothers (Bilbo and Spike above) are oblivious to how there lives are about to be changed.

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