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Thursday, July 1, 2010


We now know where to from hear. From the beginning of our journey we knew that because of the increased risks to both mother and babies with triplet pregnancies that should all three embryos take an embryo reduction would be necessary. We do not have the right to expect someone to take that risk and would never expect them to. It would not be fair to them or their family. We have been so excited over the fact that we are pregnant that we so far have not focused on this. But now we know what the plan is and are literally praying that all goes well for both our surrogate and babies. We trust our Doctor and continue to enjoy the feeling of happiness and love that this journey is giving us. It has taken us a few days to think how to make this entry but decided to share this information so that anyone reading this who are considering this process, that they have as much knowledge as possible. We found it hard to get some of this information in the beginning.

Side Note: This process has also been amazing because we have been sitting up till late at night discussing everything that is happening and what we expect in the future. I love this quality time!!

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