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Monday, July 26, 2010


As much as my job is really busy at the moment and like everyone else, I pray to the powerball gods everynight, I am really really lucky to work with some great people. Always positive, supportive and genuinely inquisitive. My friend Jane has knitted a beautiful rainbow rug. They make work bearable, especially when you would much rather be somewhere else.

It is weird though. Today was the first day that I actually stopped and realised that I will be giving up work for a while and that it will no longer be the priority it always has been. I have no intentions of not going back and hope to continue in the career path I am currently on but I now have to think and plan how this is going to be achievable. I guess that this is one great thing about Nursing. With the paid parental leave we get as part of our award and with the government (depending on which party wins!) paid leave, I should be able to have the first twelve months off with out to much pain. We also then have the option of another twelve months leave with out pay and during that time we can work casually. So I know that I have the option to pretty much stay at home for the first two years.

Gotta be happy with that.

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