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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twin Girls!!

Hi All. This has all happened so quickly. An email at 2:50pm saying that an emergency c-section was happening and that we needed to come as soon as we can. At 5pm our twin girls arrive into the world.

We would like to welcome Taylor Louise Moore 1.8kg and Willow Raymonde Moore 1.9kg. We want to thank our amazing surrogate and we are so gratefull that she is ok.

We will share more once we get to Mumbai and know more.

Proud fathers
Jeremy and Vince


  1. Wow!!!

    So happy for you, and I love the names too.

    Perfect news... Lost for words.

    Love you both & the new girls in the family...


    manda, mike, ben, grace, chris, rita & david.

  2. Welcome to the family little girls
    Derek & Janine

  3. i am in tears, i am so happy for you and welcome your new daughters into this world, you will make the perfect parents.
    love and hugs to you all
    love always deb xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Well done guys. a big congratulations from very warm Perth! Tracey xx

  5. This is absolutely awesome news. Congratulations on the speedy arrival of your beautiful baby girls. You guys will be awesome parents. Can't wait to see some photos.
    Barb :-)
    (was Pallett)

  6. Congratulations Vince and Jeremy. Welcome to the world little Taylor and Willow. May god bless and shine upon both you little angels. So excited for you all.

    Love Trish, Christine, Amy & John xxx

  7. I've been sitting here trying to work out what to write. I am so excited, happy, overwhelmed for you. I was secretly hoping for one of each so you (and Lou) would have a girl to love. (Also can't WAIT to see Bill with them!!)
    OK now some advice... girls don't break. they can play cricket, football (soccer probably) and play with trucks, as well as the dolls. My prissy miss would have a go at anything whereas my boy would stand back and work out how things work and then do it.
    Don't know that I've made much sense, my heart is so full. You are in for the most magical, tiring, frustrating, up and down time of your life. did I say magical too??

  8. Congratulations to you both :D
    We were so happy when we had a little girl (her gender a surprise) and have loved dressing her up ever since :)

    I hope they are doing well and the mum also doing well from their unexpected early arrival! Enjoy getting to know your little bundles and whenever it gets challenging remember "this too will pass" (these 4 little words got me through the first three months of having a newborn!!!)

    Lots of love to your new family xoxox

  9. Hooray! CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you.
    Much love,
    Les, Aud & Coop

  10. Congratulations! Nothing more special than new life and becoming a parent. Best Wishes.

  11. Many congratulations on the arrival of your twin daughters, Taylor and Willow. Beautiful names. Look forward to seeing some photo's.
    Best wishes
    Lisbet xx

  12. Thanks Vicki, Your words are beautiful. I am still so full up. I said all I can to the boys. I just love the skype. Being able to see Jeremy's and Vince's face when they told us was so unreal. Rob and Rae Vinces Mum and Dad skype us also it was wonderful both grand parents together so soon after the birth. They are such wonderful people I love them all to bits. It has been a wonderful journey with you my friend over the last months since we got the text that they were coming. Both us sitting there together reading it. Another special time in our friendship. I have put this here because I want it part of the story for the twins.

  13. Congratulations Jeremy and Vince! And welcome Taylor and Willow, you have two great Dads!
    Mates, I am so very, very happy for you, can't hold back a tear of joy. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
    Best wishes,
    Steve in California

  14. That is such fantastic news. I hope everything goes smoothly so that your first meeting is everything you want it to be.

    Can't wait to see them!

  15. Congratulations guys, i had a dream that your babies had arrived so i got up early to check FB. The best news ever, maybe i will have to borrow some sperm so i can get that famous luv and best wishes tris

  16. Congrats Jem and Vince and your families. So happy for you both.

    Michelle, Simone, Heather, Marg and Barry (ex Kambalda neighbours of the Moore family).

  17. Congratulations Jem & Vince. Over the moon excited for you both. How lucky you are to be blessed with two little princesses! Tan, Des, Liam and Navarre. Can't wait to see some pics!!

  18. Congratulations again! thought I would post a message of welcome for your girls-our thoughts are with you all-Taylor , Willow, Jeremy and Vince, from your friends Jane, Steve, Sarah and Hannahxxx-can't wait to meet them!

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  20. This is very sad these baby girls have no say in not having a mother in their life

  21. This is a public blog and therefore I will leave comments that are simply a statement of belief. The girls can judge for themselves their relevance. However I will remove any comments that threaten any kind of negative act against Willow and Taylor. It would be nice though for people to have courage in their convictions and beliefs and not post anonymously.