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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smiles All Round

Today it was smiles all round. After a couple of weeks of stress and anxiety. Visa's. Stitches. Banks. Chainsaws. Confrontation. Today we are all smiles. The bank finally fixed it's mistake. All it took was for them to listen. Dad is home and on the mend. Mum's another story, but snaps for trying. Our surrogate is doing well and her care package is somewhere over the Indian Ocean hopefully. Finally our Visa's came through today and our passports are back in our excited little hands. Yes Vince has done the happy dance. Let's hope that this can continue now until the little ones arrive. Thanks to everyone for their positive wishes and support. We really do believe that it helps. I am so happy that I am sitting here with Glee pumping from the computer. Particularly the track I could have danced all night. One of my all time favourite movies, My Fair Lady. Our favourite song at the moment is Kurt's rendition of I want to hold your hand. We hope that our kids will want to hold our hands their entire life and that we can have them there to hold. 

It is also now clear that NSW has decided to allow Gay men to access the new surrogacy laws, which means they will not have to go overseas to fulfil their dreams. It gives them access to a regulated and supported process. It also means that all of those involved will be there because they want to and maybe not because they need to be. I was going to be so disappointed if this was not the case because I really think NSW leads the way on many issues and this would have been a step backwards.

I have also been surprised by the amount of media gay marriage is getting this week and am in two minds about it. I think it is great that there is open debate and that the current structure of our parliament is making our politicians operate a little differently. Making them think on their feet and work a little harder. My concern is that Australia is not as ready as the media is making it out to be and that there may be some backlash. There is still a large number of people out there who have deep seeded issues with the amount of change that is already occurred. Most people are becoming conditioned to responding positively and politically correct in front of the media and in public. Behind the scenes though it is often a different story. WA is a classic for this. Take all of the recent referendums. If you were to believe the media we would have shops open around the clock and be only two hours behind the Eastern States.

This is a print done by my cousin Caren. It comes from a book called Come & See! that Caren gave Vince and I number of years ago. We have treasured it and it was kept as part of our little dream bundle of items that we had collected over the years just in case the miracle ever happened and we were blessed with kids. This is my favourite image. Vince and I are both pisceans and I think it plays to our natures. The book will now have pride and place on the book shelf.

Can't wait to hold your hands.........

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  1. You're such beautiful men. This blog is aptly named, because everything is going to be all right.
    I'm so glad you like my book :) There's only a few of those in the world!