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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


 This afternoon we received a very welcome email. It seems that we are still being blessed. Our wonderful surrogate is well and healthy. The reduction went smoothly and we are still expecting a set of twins that appear healthy and are doing everything they should be.

This went a long way towards lifting our bruised hearts and I know Patrick would have been just as stoked as we are.

A friend told me that our third little one is now our own Angel. Angels mean a lot to me and I found this very comforting.

We are now 13 and a half weeks down the road and so far there have been no major pot holes. Lets hope that this highway goes on for another 27 or so weeks, to finally arrive at our highly anticipated destination. As life goes on around us, knowing that this is where we are heading helps, to get through the tougher times and adds that little bit extra to the better times.

I went back to work today and was not sure how I would get through the day. I am great at crying and it seems to come so easy to me, but I really do get embarrassed by it. I needn't worry though, really. I am always overwhelmed with how compassionate people can be. I am also a great one for hugs and today I was spoilt with many from my amazing Friends and colleagues. As much as Royal Perth can be a hard place to work sometimes, the people who work there seem to make it all worth while and sometimes it can actually be a great place for solace. I have also really enjoyed seeing all of the tributes on FB for Patrick and the amount of love being sent towards his family. Being a believer in Karma I know this will flow to where it needs to be. Hearing from many people from my past has also been very uplifting. As much as I try to live in the here and now, I do take joy in my past. It never hurts to look back over your shoulder. You never know who might be following behind you.

I don't know how to say thank you to everyone who have been so supportive and have offered so many kind words of love and comfort other that to say that you are in my heart. I also need to mention the one person who seems to always be standing behind me with a steadying hand, has just the right whispered words of strength or hug. He is my heart, my soul and my life and I can only wonder at the joy that is him. Mon Ange.

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