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Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the beginning

After two and a half years of trying with our amazing friend Kim and other attempts in the past we finally decided to take the risk and search outside of Australia. We were determined to have a family of our own and India seemed to offer us that dream. So on the 20th May 2010 we took off from Perth Australia to Mumbai India. The clinic that we chose was Yashoda and they turned out to be a gift in themselves. Our amazing Doctor helped us plan for our trip and assisted us where ever possible.

We had chosen a egg donor before leaving and on the 27th May we were gifted with 12 eggs, 8 of which would go onto be embryos. We met our surrogate and immediately felt that she was the right person. She had the most glorious smile which seemed to melt both our hearts. We were so overwhelmed with joy that we must have looked like a pair of mute simpletons because we just sat there grinning.
Three embryos were transferred to our surrogate on the Sunday the 30th May, while we were in the air flying home to Perth. The remaining 5 embryos were frozen. It was then a long 14 day wait to hear if the transfer had gone ahead as planned.
At half past eleven at night on the 11th of June we received a welcome text from our amazing Dr telling us congratulations, we were pregnant and our first B-Hcg was 508. And so now our journey towards a family of our own begins and it is with excitement and trepidation that we begin this blog.

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